Tigers Jaw / The Marble Factory / Bristol / 7th February 2016

So MJR hosted the first UK 2016 show for Basement with support from Tigers Jaw and Alex G, at The Marble Factory.

Tigers Jaw play music that evokes sentimentality and nostalgia in me. Playing them in the morning while getting ready, during the commute and during work lights me up and makes getting through the mundane parts of life a bit more interesting. I am totally stuck on the beautiful hum of their fuzzy guitars and keyboards combined with emotionally engaging lyrics. The crowd really came to life singing along to their older material and they even covered one of my favourite songs by The Cure ‘In Between Days’!

It was great to catch a photo of Brianna (0.5 of Tigers Jaw) at the merch stand!

I’ve never been able to see Basement before this show. With a new album coming out, they played a lot of their new material (even apologising for it) but also energised those in attendance by playing through their more popular, established songs. The crowd swung in unison and sung loudly creating a warm atmosphere in the large, re-appropriated factory building.

This show was definitely worth the effort of going out on a Sunday. Even if you had work on Monday and hate the rainy, windy winters like me.

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