Asian Man 20th Anniversary / Thee Parkside / Bottom of The Hill / San Francisco / June 2016

O.K, so I get a bit shitty making words for this and taking photos of all the places I go, but I have to express how much I absolutely adore going to these shows sooo much so, at the beginning of summer a group of us travelled half way around the world to San Francisco to celebrate Asian Man 20th Anniversary, where we saw so many of our favoured bands and musicians for 5 days of music. This was held at two historical venues, Thee Parkside and Bottom of The Hill, all hosted by a lovely human, Mike Park (photo: below) of Asian Man Records who is one of the most inspirational people in this scene.

I had never been to America before and I was really taken back by how friendly San Francisco is.  I’ve been making plans on how to get back there since day 1 of our trip. We stayed at The Green Tortoise, (frikin love that place) the most lovely helpful staff and they have the best breakfast bagels!!

Asian Man Records records have been putting out consistently great records for 20 years now. Releasing some of the best music of my teen years all the way up until records I adore today. It was a trip down musical memory lane seeing bands like Link 80, Slow Gherkin, MU330 and also Mike Park doing a solo acoustic set.

I was so caught up in my new environment most of the time, I managed to take a handful of photos. I am super happy to have seen Cayetana, Murderburgers, Hard Girls, AJJ, Jeff Rosenstock, Cheap Girls, Dan Adrianno and Koo Koo Kangaroo. I met Sundials (photo: above). Their album ‘When I couldn’t breathe’ I listen to on repeat. It’s a solid summer soundtrack for me. I hope they make their way across the sea sometime soon.

The music we saw became the soundtrack of our trip. We made a bunch of new friends and made memories that we’ll remember forever. See you again in just under 5 years!





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