Laura Stevenson / Sin City / Swansea / July 29th 2016

Laura Stevenson got added to The Wonder Years tour with a date at Sin City in Swansea. Having missed her at the Asian Man Records 20th Anniversary shows I had to go and see her play again. Laura plays some really lovely music and when playing the bigger (and louder) shows is usually supported by her backing band (the Cans).

For this show she would be playing solo for the most part and not only held her own against the rowdy Friday night crowd but actually drowned them out. I think it’s an achievement for a solo acoustic artist to hold an audience at a show like this and Laura did it effortlessly. Its really great to catch up with her whenever she plays the UK.

I can really relate to her records. I love listening to music that can capture so perfectly a situation, experience, how you feel or see life especially if you’re like me and can’t find the words or mostly think in pictures.

Also, I have to say how much I love the album photograph for Cocksure by Christopher Hainey. It reminds me of being a teen when house parties were over and we would all just watch the TV hungover, in that surreal space when you know you have to start thinking about having to go home and resume reality, or just keep on going.

Lately at some shows I take two Polaroid shots. I keep one for this thing and the people in them keep the other one. I think this makes a nice memento for that time. So here’s a photo for that time, we had so much fun, it was such an awesome show!


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