So we went on a little mission across the river to Bristol to see Pup and Shit Present at The Exchange a little while  ago. I can’t keep up with the amount of amazing artists Deadpunk Promotions is putting on.

First time seeing Pup, I swear my pupils dilated their music is so powerful. Me and my best mate play them super loud in the car, punching the air and screaming from our guts. They evoke cynical, raw, unhinged feelings of regret and apprehension, elements that we enjoy tapping in to that remind us of our teenage years.

I’ve seen Shit Present a few times since they formed, it’s always a pleasure to see them play. Iona’s lyrics are so expressive, capturing growing up and tackling complex emotions like anxiety, perfectly. Even between the songs, personal tangents about day to day life make funny interludes. Her songs about life are so relatable and as with this genre there’s authenticity that strikes a chord in me that I can’t find in other places as much.

Lately I have been working with film photography again using Polaroid, 35MM and 120 film. Film documents a similar level of authenticity, a real and accurate representation of the people that make the music.


The Bouncing Souls / Pears / The Exchange / Bristol / August 5th 2016

The Bouncing Souls and Pears played a phenomenal show at The Exchange in Bristol hosted by our esteemed Deadpunk Promotions. Bouncing Souls have been around for as long as I can remember and in that time they’ve released some of the most authentic punk music that gets me and my friends singing along and moving about. They have definitely been a big influence for many of us growing up.

Pears were on support and since seeing them in Groezrock earlier in the year I knew that they were worth the price of admission alone. Their newest album ‘Green Star’ combines all the things I love about punk into a single record. The mix of melodic, harmonious punk rock and fast, aggressive hardcore gets me every time. We loved swinging about at the front headbanging and sing screaming along.

It was great to be able to get a photo of Pears before they did their show and chat shit with them afterwards. An important part of what makes the punk scene exciting is how friendly touring bands can be. It’s great to have conversations with people that have grown up in completely different countries and cultures that share a love for this music.

Great memories made!

Come baaaack! ^_^.


Laura Stevenson / Sin City / Swansea / July 29th 2016

Laura Stevenson got added to The Wonder Years tour with a date at Sin City in Swansea. Having missed her at the Asian Man Records 20th Anniversary shows I had to go and see her play again. Laura plays some really lovely music and when playing the bigger (and louder) shows is usually supported by her backing band (the Cans).

For this show she would be playing solo for the most part and not only held her own against the rowdy Friday night crowd but actually drowned them out. I think it’s an achievement for a solo acoustic artist to hold an audience at a show like this and Laura did it effortlessly. Its really great to catch up with her whenever she plays the UK.

I can really relate to her records. I love listening to music that can capture so perfectly a situation, experience, how you feel or see life especially if you’re like me and can’t find the words or mostly think in pictures.

Also, I have to say how much I love the album photograph for Cocksure by Christopher Hainey. It reminds me of being a teen when house parties were over and we would all just watch the TV hungover, in that surreal space when you know you have to start thinking about having to go home and resume reality, or just keep on going.

Lately at some shows I take two Polaroid shots. I keep one for this thing and the people in them keep the other one. I think this makes a nice memento for that time. So here’s a photo for that time, we had so much fun, it was such an awesome show!


Asian Man 20th Anniversary / Thee Parkside / Bottom of The Hill / San Francisco / June 2016

O.K, so I get a bit shitty making words for this and taking photos of all the places I go, but I have to express how much I absolutely adore going to these shows sooo much so, at the beginning of summer a group of us travelled half way around the world to San Francisco to celebrate Asian Man 20th Anniversary, where we saw so many of our favoured bands and musicians for 5 days of music. This was held at two historical venues, Thee Parkside and Bottom of The Hill, all hosted by a lovely human, Mike Park (photo: below) of Asian Man Records who is one of the most inspirational people in this scene.

I had never been to America before and I was really taken back by how friendly San Francisco is.  I’ve been making plans on how to get back there since day 1 of our trip. We stayed at The Green Tortoise, (frikin love that place) the most lovely helpful staff and they have the best breakfast bagels!!

Asian Man Records records have been putting out consistently great records for 20 years now. Releasing some of the best music of my teen years all the way up until records I adore today. It was a trip down musical memory lane seeing bands like Link 80, Slow Gherkin, MU330 and also Mike Park doing a solo acoustic set.

I was so caught up in my new environment most of the time, I managed to take a handful of photos. I am super happy to have seen Cayetana, Murderburgers, Hard Girls, AJJ, Jeff Rosenstock, Cheap Girls, Dan Adrianno and Koo Koo Kangaroo. I met Sundials (photo: above). Their album ‘When I couldn’t breathe’ I listen to on repeat. It’s a solid summer soundtrack for me. I hope they make their way across the sea sometime soon.

The music we saw became the soundtrack of our trip. We made a bunch of new friends and made memories that we’ll remember forever. See you again in just under 5 years!






Iron Chic headlined with support from Bear Trade and The Cut Ups at The Exchange last week. I’m pretty fucking pleased to have seen such inspirational musicians play twice in one week. Firstly at Groezrock festival, followed by a gig presented by my firm favourite, Deadpunk Promotions. Such different settings with so many different people.

Iron Chic (above) signify a lot to me. When I moved back to my home city of Cardiff a couple of years ago I had a different outlook and a new enthusiasm for my life. Listening to their music helped encapsulate those feelings. For somebody who doesn’t articulate themselves very well, it is so special to have an artist that can find the words for me. It is so great to see the crowd all sing along with passion. It elevates me long after the music has stopped. So much good.

I adore it when there is meaning in music; if it tells a story, teaches a lesson or evokes an epiphany. The Cut Ups (below) achieve all that for me. I am drawn to the authenticity within their work. Singing about real life is the side to Punk Rock I admire. There is strength in the vulnerability of being so open.

I am always super grateful when people take some time with me for a photo to commemorate this time and place. It means a lot.


Bangers / The Cut Ups / Hot Mass / Buffalo Bar / Cardiff / 22nd April 2016

Bangers played what is possibly their last Welsh show for a long while on Friday, with support from The Cut Ups and Hot Mass.  A truly energetic line up presented by the guys at DIY Cardiff.

My camera is bust, so a helpful friend loaned me some equipment as I’ve been without a decent digital camera for a couple of months now and didn’t want to miss out on taking photos at another gig.

Hot Mass (below) are a new local favourite with hazy distorted surfy guitars, gruff vocals and galloping beats. I’m really looking forward to seeing them play again at The Deadpunk Special in May. I like The Cut Ups more and more every time I see them and I’m hoping to get a photo of their lovely faces next time they play in this neck of the woods.

So, pretty gutted Bangers (above) are tbc on whether they are going to be playing any shows for a while. They have been a solid addition to the UK punk scene for years, with great song writing that evolves with every release. They played a strong set and everybody cheered and chanted for more. I hope we get at least a couple more shows from them in the future.

This show encapsulated our local punk scene, attending these shows highlight how much people work together to keep it all going. Thank you DIY Cardiff for hosting another awesome line up giving us something special to do at the weekend.



Tigers Jaw / The Marble Factory / Bristol / 7th February 2016

So MJR hosted the first UK 2016 show for Basement with support from Tigers Jaw and Alex G, at The Marble Factory.

Tigers Jaw play music that evokes sentimentality and nostalgia in me. Playing them in the morning while getting ready, during the commute and during work lights me up and makes getting through the mundane parts of life a bit more interesting. I am totally stuck on the beautiful hum of their fuzzy guitars and keyboards combined with emotionally engaging lyrics. The crowd really came to life singing along to their older material and they even covered one of my favourite songs by The Cure ‘In Between Days’!

It was great to catch a photo of Brianna (0.5 of Tigers Jaw) at the merch stand!

I’ve never been able to see Basement before this show. With a new album coming out, they played a lot of their new material (even apologising for it) but also energised those in attendance by playing through their more popular, established songs. The crowd swung in unison and sung loudly creating a warm atmosphere in the large, re-appropriated factory building.

This show was definitely worth the effort of going out on a Sunday. Even if you had work on Monday and hate the rainy, windy winters like me.