Woahnows / The Exchange / Bristol / January 20th 2017

So, we have been lucky to have such strong British bands playing and releasing great albums, it was a pleasure to see Woahnows for my first gig of the new year hosted by Deadpunk Promotions.  I’m always excited to see Woahnows announced on a bill, this time supporting Beach Slang.

They are a three piece from Plymouth, described as noisy poppy Indie Punk, recently released their new LP Understanding and Everything Else on Big Scary Monsters Records.

Their music is like a breath of fresh air, sunny, exciting and energetic. Every time I’ve seen them live they nail it, playing with so much effin’ energy it’s contagious. I am hooked on their harmonies, mathy bursts and relatable words.

It was nice to have a chat after the gig and take a few photos using the new camera. I can’t wait to see them play again.

Beach Slang / The Exchange / Bristol / May 9th 2015

Deadpunk Promotions put on an all-dayer that included a shit ton of awesome music.  One of them being Beach Slang, a punk rock band from Philadelphia, who had the warmest welcome with everyone punching the air and singing along.  Their music is passionate and has a genuine nostalgic sound full of poetic references to savored moments, it was nice to hear how appreciative they were to be playing their first UK tour.

We got speaking to a couple of them at the bar before Consumed started their set.  Their personalities resonate through their songs, this kind of honesty in music means a lot and is one of the main reasons for going to and supporting these shows.  So I took a few photos to capture the moment, to put it up on here so I can look back when I’m old, probably a bit more mental and remember being a part of this community.