The Doublecross / Hot Mass / Pipedream / Clwb Ifor Bach / Cardiff / November 11th 2016

Sooo, the last year has been especially difficult and a reflective time for me. I’ve been procrastinating, amongst other things, thinking of how to write about it, but I’m at a loss. Without going in to too much detail, it’s been rough and I’m starting to wake up (kinda) and get involved in all the good things that are happening again.

In my mental hibernation I’ve been trawling through photos and I wanted to include one of the last gigs I attended in 2016, give it the attention it deserves.

I went to a packed launch show for the latest release ‘Keep Bleeding’ from The Doublecross, presented by Fuelled By Jealous LoversSTHC Cardiff & DIY Cardiff. It was good feelings all around with support from Hot Mass, and Pipedream.

It was heartwarming to see such support for a friend who has contributed greatly over all these years to the Punk community and our community here in Cardiff. Jon shines through his work and it is reflected around the room on faces old and new.

Massive props on the awesome music video ‘Fireworks and Butterflies’ by Fuzz Chucas.

I don’t really do live shots but it was a special occasion. Fuck it. Why not?


(Hot Mass: above, Pipedream: below)


Dowsing / Ratboys / Clwb Ifor Bach / Cardiff / October 4th

So, it was great to get to see two bands from across the ocean in late September and early October, touring some new material and a split together.  I was lucky to see them twice. First we went to the Bristol show hosted by Rad Not Sad Fest, held in a little old English pub called The Old England Pub. There they were supported by Pipedream, Springbreak and Robert Zurbin and a week or so later Fuelled by Jealous Lovers Club hosted an intimate gig downstairs in Clwb Ifor Bach with support from Human Heat.

Dowsing are an indie/emo-punk band from Chicago, their songs about relationships, love, life and the music industry have great sincerity and passion.  They have a new album called ‘Okay’ out on Asian Man Records that’s well worth checking out.

Ratboys, from Chicago are described as an indie-punk, post-country band. Their fuzzy guitars and soft vocals induce the daydreamy part of my brain. They have beautiful music out on Topshelf Records, you can (and should) have a listen HERE.

Each show and the people there represented our great DIY community which is full of support and unity, even through tough times. It was nice to meet Heads Above The Waves at their stall in the Cardiff show. They hold regular appearances at our local gigs and are a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness and talk openly about self-harm and depression.

The photo above was taken on Womanby Street after everyone packed up the van. I used my Holga camera on 120 film, I didn’t quite get everyone in but I still love how the photo came out. I’ve been using film a lot more off the back of my DSLR kicking the bucket earlier this year. It worked out for the best because it has reminded me to create imagery using the medium of photography for arts sake as well as documenting a time and place.

I saved up and got a bunch of new equipment that I’m looking forward to experimenting with here over the coming new year. It should be a nice mish mash of traditional and digital! I wanted to give thanks to my Videography and Photography buddies for helping me with gear over the last few months, it really means a lot and shows the strength in our community.

Also a big thanks to the bands that let me take their photos. I really appreciate the time people spend with me, having a chat and getting some photos to create this small blog.


Bangers / The Cut Ups / Hot Mass / Buffalo Bar / Cardiff / 22nd April 2016

Bangers played what is possibly their last Welsh show for a long while on Friday, with support from The Cut Ups and Hot Mass.  A truly energetic line up presented by the guys at DIY Cardiff.

My camera is bust, so a helpful friend loaned me some equipment as I’ve been without a decent digital camera for a couple of months now and didn’t want to miss out on taking photos at another gig.

Hot Mass (below) are a new local favourite with hazy distorted surfy guitars, gruff vocals and galloping beats. I’m really looking forward to seeing them play again at The Deadpunk Special in May. I like The Cut Ups more and more every time I see them and I’m hoping to get a photo of their lovely faces next time they play in this neck of the woods.

So, pretty gutted Bangers (above) are tbc on whether they are going to be playing any shows for a while. They have been a solid addition to the UK punk scene for years, with great song writing that evolves with every release. They played a strong set and everybody cheered and chanted for more. I hope we get at least a couple more shows from them in the future.

This show encapsulated our local punk scene, attending these shows highlight how much people work together to keep it all going. Thank you DIY Cardiff for hosting another awesome line up giving us something special to do at the weekend.



Dimensions / The Full Moon / Cardiff / January 17th 2016

Dimensions played their comeback show with two new members at The Full Moon’s Free For All Festival in Cardiff with support from A Broken Dynasty and Tonepot. All local bands with great support from the crowd.

Dimensions are a four piece from Cardiff. They are experimental with mathy melodic riffs, punk style rhythm sections, blast beats, breakdowns and some beasty vocals on top.  My kind of heavy.

With hardcore shows not being as prevalent as they used to be, it’s nice to see bands like this playing shows and keeping the community going in the area.

When can we all get a Tee?


Drug Church / Y Plas / Cardiff / December 1st 2015

It’s the second time I’ve been able to take Drug Church‘s picture in a relatively short space of time. The first show of the UK tour in Cardiff, with Turnstile & The Story So Far, Drug Church touring their new LP, Hit Your Head.

They burst with character, their set always manages to blow me away with their grungy melodies. This was the best set of the night for me!

Y Plas, Students’ Union is a pretty large venue. I normally prefer gigs in smaller venues with everyone scrambling for the stage, bouncing off the walls and hanging off the ceiling. It felt like Drug Church showed a large, sold out (and pretty boring) crowd (mostly comprised of younger students) what they were made of. I’m sure they made a bunch of new fans.

It was great to see them play again! Maybe next time they come to the UK we’ll get a headline show?

We can hope!


The Menzingers / Clwb Ifor Bach / Cardiff / August 27th 2015

STHC hosted an awesome show at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff.  It was great to see The Menzingers play with support from Great Cynics and The Cut Ups.

There’s nothing like drinking with your friends and singing songs about getting drunk with friends! So I took a couple of photos to commemorate the evening

(below: Great Cynics, plus Menzinger!)

Great Cynics

Caves / Undertone / Cardiff / April 1st 2015

Thought I would start this page with something special as Caves played their last Cardiff show for a long while.  Held at Undertone and hosted by DIY Cardiff, a local collective in South Wales, keeping the punk shows going in the area.  Caves are a band from Bristol that signify a lot for me when I moved there, exploring a new city and going to the local shows.  Their music is sentimental, short ‘n sweet and brightens up the days.

Thanks for the good music.


Caves live