It is always a great experience seeing The Menzingers. Last year they played in the late Bristol Bierkeller with support from The Flatliners and The Dirty Nil, organised by our one and only Dave at Deadpunk Promotions.

menzingers bierkeller 003 web

Sooo, I’ve been thinking about this blog and how I have to explain to people it is not a review, it’s not a news thing, no deadlines, no restrictions, just some gigs I attend. I only include music I like, nothing is sponsored, it is literally just me and my camera . It is a memories thing. I struggle a lot with the writing side which tends to hold it up. Some days I can verbalise how I feel and what I think, most days I can’t really express myself at all. Every post is a huge challenge for me, I guess this and the struggle with persistent MH prolongs each post mostly. I don’t really want this blog to be about my problems so without going in to too much detail I just wanted to explain a bit about the sporadic updates.

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Having been sober last year for seven months, climbing the social anxiety mountain and only being able to let go with a few drinks in me, it was liberating going to shows, dancing about and taking some photos. These gigs are full of pretty awesome people showing support of great meaningful music. After getting over the mental hurdles, seeing talent and passion like this is so inspiring. It always reminds me why I love going to gigs.

menzingers bierkeller 002 web

So I don’t really do live photos of bands much anymore because I want to enjoy each set. For me it is a different experience watching them play through a lens because when I take live photos I’m preoccupied with getting the shot.

Although there are a few exceptions occasionally and The Menzingers are one of them! It’s good to revisit an old practice and it was great being at the front singing along between composing each photo!

I wanted to experiment a bit with these live shots and go back to producing an image for arts’ sake rather than the documentary approach. I aimed to capture the energy and awe associated with the music and being at the show.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading these posts, any enquiries, let me know at

Forever grateful to be able to attend such awesome shows in Bristol.

menzingers bierkeller 004 web


Soooo Snuff have been around for donkeys years and still as exciting and relevant as ever. They play fast melodic punk rock that is quintessentially British.  It never ceases to amaze me how Duncan can play the drums that fast and sing at the same time. Class.

First time seeing Wonk Unit, a much newer band that have taken a similar mantel. Their albums play out like a comedic, punk rock musical about the working mans adventures in and around London. Alex’s interludes and intros to the songs really get me. That man is a poet.

Both bands are a perfect mix of great music and humour. They all seem to genuinely enjoy what they do and we could do with more bands like them.