It is always a great experience seeing The Menzingers. Last year they played in the late Bristol Bierkeller with support from The Flatliners and The Dirty Nil, organised by our one and only Dave at Deadpunk Promotions.

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Sooo, I’ve been thinking about this blog and how I have to explain to people it is not a review, it’s not a news thing, no deadlines, no restrictions, just some gigs I attend. I only include music I like, nothing is sponsored, it is literally just me and my camera . It is a memories thing. I struggle a lot with the writing side which tends to hold it up. Some days I can verbalise how I feel and what I think, most days I can’t really express myself at all. Every post is a huge challenge for me, I guess this and the struggle with persistent MH prolongs each post mostly. I don’t really want this blog to be about my problems so without going in to too much detail I just wanted to explain a bit about the sporadic updates.

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Having been sober last year for seven months, climbing the social anxiety mountain and only being able to let go with a few drinks in me, it was liberating going to shows, dancing about and taking some photos. These gigs are full of pretty awesome people showing support of great meaningful music. After getting over the mental hurdles, seeing talent and passion like this is so inspiring. It always reminds me why I love going to gigs.

menzingers bierkeller 002 web

So I don’t really do live photos of bands much anymore because I want to enjoy each set. For me it is a different experience watching them play through a lens because when I take live photos I’m preoccupied with getting the shot.

Although there are a few exceptions occasionally and The Menzingers are one of them! It’s good to revisit an old practice and it was great being at the front singing along between composing each photo!

I wanted to experiment a bit with these live shots and go back to producing an image for arts’ sake rather than the documentary approach. I aimed to capture the energy and awe associated with the music and being at the show.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading these posts, any enquiries, let me know at

Forever grateful to be able to attend such awesome shows in Bristol.

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Hot Mass / Le Pub / Newport / March 24th 2017

It was great to catch Hot Mass (ex Arteries / Dividers) at Le Pub hosted by Le Pub with support from People And Other Diseases and KVSD.

Hot Mass released ‘Flatman’, a B-Side from their LP ‘Nervous Tensions’ released in March this year before their mini tour around Europe. I always enjoy watching them perform their energetic music.

Sadly Le Pub is closing but will live on in a new form as the team will be moving it in to a more creative art space; more information on this at Le Public Space.

I want to do more to help our changing community, I am hoping that helping document our scene contributes to it somehow, even as something to look back for memories sake or to show how far we’ve come.




The Bouncing Souls / Pears / The Exchange / Bristol / August 5th 2016

The Bouncing Souls and Pears played a phenomenal show at The Exchange in Bristol hosted by our esteemed Deadpunk Promotions. Bouncing Souls have been around for as long as I can remember and in that time they’ve released some of the most authentic punk music that gets me and my friends singing along and moving about. They have definitely been a big influence for many of us growing up.

Pears were on support and since seeing them in Groezrock earlier in the year I knew that they were worth the price of admission alone. Their newest album ‘Green Star’ combines all the things I love about punk into a single record. The mix of melodic, harmonious punk rock and fast, aggressive hardcore gets me every time. We loved swinging about at the front headbanging and sing screaming along.

It was great to be able to get a photo of Pears before they did their show and chat shit with them afterwards. An important part of what makes the punk scene exciting is how friendly touring bands can be. It’s great to have conversations with people that have grown up in completely different countries and cultures that share a love for this music.

Great memories made!

Come baaaack! ^_^.



Iron Chic headlined with support from Bear Trade and The Cut Ups at The Exchange last week. I’m pretty fucking pleased to have seen such inspirational musicians play twice in one week. Firstly at Groezrock festival, followed by a gig presented by my firm favourite, Deadpunk Promotions. Such different settings with so many different people.

Iron Chic (above) signify a lot to me. When I moved back to my home city of Cardiff a couple of years ago I had a different outlook and a new enthusiasm for my life. Listening to their music helped encapsulate those feelings. For somebody who doesn’t articulate themselves very well, it is so special to have an artist that can find the words for me. It is so great to see the crowd all sing along with passion. It elevates me long after the music has stopped. So much good.

I adore it when there is meaning in music; if it tells a story, teaches a lesson or evokes an epiphany. The Cut Ups (below) achieve all that for me. I am drawn to the authenticity within their work. Singing about real life is the side to Punk Rock I admire. There is strength in the vulnerability of being so open.

I am always super grateful when people take some time with me for a photo to commemorate this time and place. It means a lot.


The Menzingers / Clwb Ifor Bach / Cardiff / August 27th 2015

STHC hosted an awesome show at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff.  It was great to see The Menzingers play with support from Great Cynics and The Cut Ups.

There’s nothing like drinking with your friends and singing songs about getting drunk with friends! So I took a couple of photos to commemorate the evening

(below: Great Cynics, plus Menzinger!)

Great Cynics

Beach Slang / The Exchange / Bristol / May 9th 2015

Deadpunk Promotions put on an all-dayer that included a shit ton of awesome music.  One of them being Beach Slang, a punk rock band from Philadelphia, who had the warmest welcome with everyone punching the air and singing along.  Their music is passionate and has a genuine nostalgic sound full of poetic references to savored moments, it was nice to hear how appreciative they were to be playing their first UK tour.

We got speaking to a couple of them at the bar before Consumed started their set.  Their personalities resonate through their songs, this kind of honesty in music means a lot and is one of the main reasons for going to and supporting these shows.  So I took a few photos to capture the moment, to put it up on here so I can look back when I’m old, probably a bit more mental and remember being a part of this community.

Frenzal Rhomb / Mike TV / The Social Club / The Exchange / Bristol / April 27th 2015

/Sooooo life got in the way of posting about this gig…I saw The Social Club (above) who opened for Mike TV and Frenzal Rhomb, hosted by Deadpunk Promotions held at The Exchange in Bristol.  They are a pop punk four piece, mostly from Watford.  As soon as they started playing I wanted to dance about like a dickhead and I couldn’t stop smiling for the singers super animated performance.  They have that sentimental sound that keeps me going to these shows.  Got chatting to them a bit after their set and they let me take a quick snap of them before we headed in to watch Frenzal Rhomb play their first UK tour in 10 years.  What. A. Show!